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  • hi, i agree lol, wilder seems to think i'm overstocked i don't know if she realises that a fluval305 external filter filters 260 gallons per hour plus i do 25% water change weekly, i guess she must as she is one of team experts, i'm very happy with the way the tank is at present i've just put some hornwort in so if anymore fry appear they have a small chance of survival
    Glad to hear all is going well now with your fish.
    I haven't fully figured out the message system here either... seems unnecessarily complicated... LOL
    hi there, i am a new member i have two fish tanks both tropical one 20 gal and the other 25 approx have 1 6" sailfin pleco a pair of kribs 4 barbs 8 neon tetra's 3 cardinals 4 catfish the wiggly bottem type 5 algy eaters 8 endlers 4 guppys several mickymouse & assorted platy's 2 pearl danio'+ some i'm not yet sure what they are, have been keeping fish for 6 months, also kept as a kid years ago
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