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    My Fish Journal.

    My new Eret Goby cichlid.  He is pretty small.
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    My Fish Journal.

    Yes it
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    My Fish Journal.

    It's been awhile since I last updated this thread.  Here is a picture of a new piranha I got the other day.  He is a Caribe Piranha.  He is still a juvi and I am growing him out to one day put him with my red bellies.  He is by far the most aggressive piranha I have ever had.  He doesn't hide...
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    One Of 18 Fish Gasping, Perfect Water Conditions?

    Ick meds are bad for clown loaches because they are scaleless and do a lot more harm than good. This could be the reason. I learned this the hard way when all mine died. Salt and high temp is still your best bet. Make sure you are running a couple of air stones too, so they get enough oxygen...
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    What Small Fish To Put With Red Belly Piranhas

    That tank is awesome and the music is spot on. Like a horror show fish feeding. So cool how many are in there? Thank you. I have seven in the tank. They range from about 8 inches to 10 inches.
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    What Small Fish To Put With Red Belly Piranhas

    I have kept Piranha since the late 90's. There is a lot of trail and error. Anything you put in the tank with them will be eaten. It might take a day or several months but they will eat it so don't spend a lot of money on something. I had around 20 convicts living with mine for about a year and...
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    Maggots In Fish Food!

    It might be worth calling the company and telling them. You might get some free food out of it.
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    My Fish Journal.

    Ha. Glad you liked it
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