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  • my guppy fry go to their new home tomorrow with a woman named Ann who has a tank of platies. Hopefully they will be happy and healthy :)
    Apollo is entered in the pet of the month competition! Here's hoping his cuteness gets him some votes!
    So my blonde female dropped her 2nd lot of fry yesterday-15 healthy babies and mums doing fine :)
    Finally-no spots on fry! woohoo! Will continue the treatment until wednesday, that will have been 2 weeks. The fry who are 3 weeks old-their mum is ready to drop again anytime now, lus my cobra female is also ready to drop-so excited!
    That's been a whole week I have been treating the ich with salt. Only 2 or 3 spots on 2 of the fry no spots on the adults, no flashing. I am hoping this is starting to end now. I will keep going for another week just to be sure.
    So I am hoping the ich is resolving with the salt and high temps. The babies aren't covered anymore.
    I keep finding babies everywhere! I don't know if they are somehow getting out the trap :/
    I found another baby-I now have 10 babies in the trap! I will probably have more fry tomorrow as one of my females is square o_O
    Found a tiny little newborn fry in my tank this morning but unfortunately died about an hour after being in the trap :(
    put little fry in the main tank and he is doing great! exploring everything and swimming about in the middle with the big fsh
    Little fry is almost neon tetra sized. Might let him out next week. He will be a month old.
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