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<p>My name is Mark and I live 3 miles from Chesterfield town in Derbyshire.<br><br>
I've been keeping freshwater coldwater fish for around 5 years in an outdoor pond. The pond contains 2 medium Ghost Carp, 3 medium Koi, 3 common Goldfish, 1 Shubunkin, 3 Golden Orfe, 1 Green Tench and 1 Golden Rudd.<br><br>
In the last month I have took up tropical fishkeeping, with Dwarf Cichlids being my most favourite fish to observe. Small variants of fish of South American origin are my favourite tropical freshwater fish to keep.<br><br>
I'm currently a University student pursuing a Psychology degree, but hoping to do a Graduate Diploma in Law to enter the English legal profession.<br><br>
My other interests range from online gaming, cycling and grading British currency.</p>

Fish-keeping; favourite species: Ornamental Koi & the Common Goldfish. I also appreciate tropical fish; mainly dwarf cichlids and small shoal fish.

Have a keen interest in the subject of Law, Biology and the various beliefs in Psychology.

Leisure activities: Cycling (I often cycle 20 or so miles for the exercise and to control my glucose level). I'm an avid grader and collector of pre-decimal British-colony coinage. I'm also a XBL gamer.
My Aquariums & Fish
1400 litre pond containing ornamental koi, common goldfish, shubunkin, golden rudd, green tench, ghost carp and golden orfe.

300 litre Discus Aquarium.
Web Designer




CEO of Black Moon Hosting
Keeper of Koi & Discus




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