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    New gold mystery snail not moving

    Hi! I got a new gold mystery snail yesterday. I drip acclimated her to the water in my tank and she was doing great moving around and climbing in the small tank I had her in to get adjusted. After 5 hours I moved her into the actual tank, I have another mystery snail in it whose very active(had...
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    Orange lump inside mystery snail ???

    I got my mystery snail three weeks ago, he’s very active and overall seems to be pretty healthy. The other day when he was climbing on the side of the tank I noticed he had an orange lump. I can’t see it all the time, it really depends on what he’s doing. I’ve been trying to figure out what it...
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    Advice for plants to keep in my tank

    thanks!! I’ll definitely look into them:)
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    Advice for plants to keep in my tank

    wow thanks so much!!!! This is so helpful. I’ll definitely go with the largest tank size I can fit in my space! Right now I just have like the basic river rocks that you get from petsmart as the bottom of my tank, should I switch those out for something else?
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    Advice for plants to keep in my tank

    Hey guys! I’ve recently got a betta(named moose) and a mystery snail(named Jeff), so far they both doing great and very active. I’m going to be upgrading my tank from 2 Gallon to either a 5 or 10 gallon within the next month so I’ll have a lot more room for plants. I was wondering if anyone had...