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    75g planted tank build

    I should have grabbed a photo before doing the pruning. All the plants were reaching to the water surface, and the ludwigia repens was so long it was wrapping around things. I'll grab a before and after next time I do a prune.
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    75g planted tank build

    I was getting algae, so I cut back on the amount of light and ferts. That seems to be keeping the algae under control. The sand looks a lot better now. This is after a prune and a water change. Also ripped out a lot of the dwarf sag that was starting to take over the tank. A better look at...
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    75g planted tank build

    Actually, I take out my anger on them by crushing them as I find them, and the fish really enjoy the live (well now dead) treat! So it's not all bad! :D
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    75g planted tank build

    So here's a quick update after a couple months. The plants have really taken off. They really like the CO2 and EI ferts. :) You wouldn't know it, but there are 20+ corydoras in there! As well as about 20 neon tetras. :) And about 1000 snails. :mad:
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    Finally tearing down ugly 57g, building new 36g to replace it!

    For me, #2 is my favorite, then #1, then #3.
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    Starting up my small aquatic plant business, this is the journal.

    I would never scoff at finding an extra $100 just laying around! Nice little find! :) Recently my wife went through a stack of old mail, and found a check for about $500 that hadn't been cashed. I love free money! :D
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    Finally tearing down ugly 57g, building new 36g to replace it!

    I like this one the best, but I see you already tore it down and tried something else. :D Personally I wouldn't lean the wood pieces against the glass, simply because it makes cleaning the glass more difficult. If you don't care about that, then never mind. Also, I enjoy your posts, keep 'em...
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    75g planted tank build

    So who knew PetSmart has nice Mopani driftwood, for a reasonable price (cheaper than buying online)? So I added some of the Mopani driftwood, and rearranged a little. Added some more rocks, including some small pebbles around the bases of the bigger rocks. Oh, and I finally have some fish in...
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