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    Meet my baby!

    That red is gorgeous!
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    Update on the Otos

    They look fun to watch! Congratulations on your new fish babies!
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    Sudden Cory cat death

    It’s possible the shark got to him among the other stated possibilities. Glofish sharks (gmo rainbow sharks) are all bottom feeders and are aggressive towards other bottom dwelling fish. With their aggressive tendencies, territories and size the Glofish shark should ideally be in a 50 gallon...
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    Help Cory's dying☹️

    How long was the new tank setup? Did you cycle the tank before adding your fish? What are your current readings for ammonia, nitrate, nitrite? What’s your ph and gh levels?
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    Sudden red gills on Cory catfish

    Ace, Lowe’s, and Home Depot usually have play sand for 4$ per bag near me. If you have one locally to you I’d check their first and save some money.
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    Back In The Fold

    Could be just the holidays and fish stuff. Ha ha.
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    Sudden red gills on Cory catfish

    Not sure what water conditioner you are already using, but if you aren’t using prime I would recommend switching because of ammonia being in your tap water. You could use prime water conditioner in addition to binding chlorine/chloramine/heavy metals it also binds ammonia. Red gills could be...
  8. Kritastrophe - Site Upgrade 12/16

    Is. Sorry, sometimes when I’m on my phone I assume auto correct knows what I meant.
  9. Kritastrophe - Site Upgrade 12/16

    WOW! The site is looking snazzy and sparkly. Love the changes. I thought I was on the wrong site for a moment when I logged in.
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    Sick Tiger Barbs

    I agree with what has been already said, but I also wanted to add that tiger barbs rest head down. I saw you mentioned that you saw them sitting like that and I just wanted to let you know that while they rest it is entirely normal behavior to be nose down or angled. Mine do it almost instantly...
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    WHY ! ! !

    Sorry to hear about your tank leaking. I haven’t been on much, so I’m just gonna ask—do you have killi babies yet? Ha ha!
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    Cryptocoryne Lutea and Vallisneria

    Depends on what you like. I have both crypts and Val. Val does get runners that grow new Val. I started with one Val and now I have five plus l. Both are fairly easy plants and do fine in sand, or at least they are doing very well for me.
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    Bladder Disease - Is it time to Euthanize? But I don't want to!

    Glad your blue Gourami is eating. Lack of replies is probably due to the time of the year. Everyone’s entering into the busy holiday season so there are probably a lot of people absent from the forums to be with family etc. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    How long to run a UV steriliser?

    I have a sunsun hw304b - zero warping on any of the trays, was previously used for a year before I got it for free with my big fish tank. UV light has been running 24/7 without any damage over a year between the time I’ve had it and with its previous owner. Perhaps that video is a defective...