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    Whats the stupidest/most useless fish related thing you have bought.

    Two Golden Chinese Algae Eaters.
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    Total chaos.

    Well the big tank is almost empty of inhabitants. One one side I have all the substrate removed to form a 5" wide trench that is holding about 2" of water. where it is somewhat clear I can still see a few very tiny shrimp that will have to wait until tomorrow. What a labor intensive ordeal this...
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    Total chaos.

    Top tank was the original and the only thing thriving are the Gourami and shrimp. All plants are struggling badly. Water has turned very dark so decided to break it all down and start over. Going to proceed the same way with the major changes being substrate depth with root tabs and now filtered...
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    Gourami mating?

    or from complete boredom?
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    Gourami mating?

    So what is this? Just finished setting up a temp tank to house in until I can break down this tank, clean it and rebuild it. Started pulling out the rocks with the ferns and found this in the corner.
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    Gourami mating?

    Being inexperienced I can't argue but I have seen fish mating before and this did not look like fighting.
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    Gourami mating?

    No way to take a good video or pictures as the camera I have just don't get it done. also very hard to get clear pictures of the fish because the water is so stained from the drift wood that was in there. the fish on the right is the female in question the one on the left is not the male in...
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    Gourami mating?

    So now I am even more confused. Floating on top in one corner is some coontail plants. There is now a male dwarf building a bubble nest and chasing away the others.. Also the other day I witnessed that male and another fish doing the sideways mating dance. That fish is a Flame and displays a...
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    Gourami mating?

    that was my understanding too but have never observed this behavior before.