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    Caring For Freshwater Puffers?

    Hello all!! So I've been looking around for fish to fill my spare 40 gal. And I've come across the cuteness that is the puffer fish!! :) so I wanted to know if some puffers would thrive in a tank that size? I was thinking maybe a group of 4? (I don't know how big of a tank they need so that is...
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    Bichirs As Tang Tank Mates?

    Thanks for the info and advice, I've done more research on this topic and i have come to the conclusion that birchirs would not go so well with tangs, water parameters included in that decision, I have now decided to not keep birchirs at all but instead set up 2 more frontosa tanks LOL, thanks...
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    Bichirs As Tang Tank Mates?

    Hi all!! This is my first post on this site and I like what I see so far. So I was just wondering if birchirs would go with the my stocking list. My stocking list is 10x cyphotilapia gibberosa, 3x altolamprologus comps muzi gold head, 3x lepidiolamprologus nkambae. The tank is approx 200...