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    What Fish To Get?

    Do you live in the UK?Those places are US sites, dont send to these shores, try piranha warehouse or wildwoods for the UK. Its hit and miss with rhoms, very slow growers at 1" a year and dont come into their own usually till sub adult sizes, some are always shy, some are monsters. An 85g would...
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    Lighting For My Piranhas

    How you mean by lunar lighting? I used blue lighting and it worked a treat, my fish was alot more confident in it than regular tank lights :)
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    Pricing Advice

    Hey everyone, Im putting my tank up for sale soon as was wondering what sort of price I should be asking for a rekord 120 with a fluval external 205. Thanks for suggestions :)
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    Predatory Fish For A 100Litre Tank

    A small species or serrasalmus you could have in there for life :)
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    Piranha Keepers - What Diet Do You Feed?

    I find they love squid and also mussels and king prawns.
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    Can Piranhas Live With Anyother Fish

    Yes, which is why it is illegal under UK legislation and very much frowned upon in piranha keeping circles.
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    Can Piranhas Live With Anyother Fish

    2 weeks is nothing, some fish are there for weeks, or months, but eventually they get eaten.
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    Growth Rate Per Month

    Cant seem to find a straight answer anywhere but what is the average growth rate per month for a common goldfish and comet when giving the correct space and diet? Need to know for an estimate for my mates pond :good:
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    Red Belly Piranhas

    If you go to tropical fish finder and use the shop wildwoods they deliver to your door and have various species of piranha other than just the common nattereri. Also try piranha warehouse, Dave can do you a good deal :)
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    How Many Red Belly Piranha In A 150G

    Wild reds do look much better than tank bred, grow bigger and arent half as shy.I think a shoal of piraya might be abit of a handful for a new keeper imo but its up to you and you need any advice fire away :)
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    Fish Trouble

    Well it wouldnt because then you would only get one opinion rather than everyone having a look.
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    How Many Red Belly Piranha In A 150G

    Ah was it piraya? They can be abit of a handful when they get bigger, you not considering red bellies? wild caught ones are a hundred times better than tank bred imo.
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    How Many Red Belly Piranha In A 150G

    Oh, you sai you had your eye on one at wildwoods :lol: If your after any piranhas and wildwoods dont have them in, drop me a pm and I'll point you in the right direction ;) No worries :)
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    Fish Trouble

    Type in "photobucket" on google and set up an account on photobucket, then upload your picture, copy the code with into your post here and bobs your uncle.
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    How Many Red Belly Piranha In A 150G

    Which fish have you got your eye on?