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    Established neons wiped out by addition of new neons

    More than likely the new additions were already sick and carried some thing in. Sadly, most of us have had to learn the hard way about "Quarantining". I "Quarantine" anything including plants and hardscape at least 2-4 weeks and monitor before they enter my existing tanks. And yes some keepers...
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    Electric blue Acaras. Male protecting the fry?

    Just a theory, might be you moved them to soon, extra stress? I have never used a basket, as mentioned I had at least one parent with the fry free swimming in the tank. The fry do learn from the parent and I found a well seasoned tank has all kinds of micro goodies for them to eat. Just a few...
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    Electric blue Acaras. Male protecting the fry?

    EBA my 2nd favorite fish. Kept and assisted them for a few years, raised hundreds. Had two pairs at one point but as mentioned this can happen. Actually had the same scenario, everything fine then the male banished the female to the other side of the tank. He eventually started getting very...
  4. EBA Parents.jpg

    EBA Parents.jpg

  5. EBA pair with swimmers 41721.jpg

    EBA pair with swimmers 41721.jpg

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    EBA Brood 1.jpg

  7. EBA Brood 333019.jpg

    EBA Brood 333019.jpg

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    Murder Mystery: Fish deaths after water change

    Tough to figure out the culprit. A couple of years back, I did my weekly 50% water changes on my tank 55 Planted community. Everything went normally but then about 1-2 hours later noticed everyone gasping at the surface. Without testing I immediately did another 50% water change. Everyone...
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    Red Tiger Zenkeri Lotus

    Looks Good! RTL my 2nd favorite plant. Here is a pic of mine in a 55g. Just a word of caution, they do develop long roots and can take over a tank. Started with two bulbs have since sold more than a dozen. They do send off surface shooters, I just trimmed the stem close to the bulb to coax into...
  10. RTL Bush.jpg

    RTL Bush.jpg

  11. RTL in 55g.jpg

    RTL in 55g.jpg

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    Cichlid tank-substrate and background?

    Still consider myself a novice, only 5 years keeping "Wet Pets". Started keeping "Africans" a few years back. Did my research and received quite a bit of good advise. Dark substrate (Mix of African cichlid sand -helped maintain higher pH and Black diamond sand) Dark Background Rock scape with...
  13. African 55 71121.jpg

    African 55 71121.jpg

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    African Caving/Spelunking

    Aulonocara jacobfreibergi Otter Point I have been keeping the boys/girls separated. I did have some OB offspring but, they did not last long with the other tank mates.
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    African Caving/Spelunking

    During water change last Sunday, was able to catch this guy in the act. The hole diameter is a bit less than a half dollar piece.