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    What is this white stuff ?

    I bought this wood a few weeks ago from a reputable supplier and now there is white stuffed growing on it . Should I be concerned and what is it ?:thanks:
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    I don't like the new look

    I like the new look
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    Howard_Hopkinson - November 2019 Tank of the Month'

    Well done and lovely tank
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    Some Of My Best Guppy Photos

    Nice pictures beautiful fish
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    Hey I’m new

    Tetra have a 6 in 1 test strip that can be used with their app and this is quite useful but in general I think liquid tests are more accurate
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    Hey I’m new

    Welcome and good luck with your new tank and I hope your guppy is not canabilstic
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    Pregnant platy

    What are you going to name the fry ?:fish:;)
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    How much is enough

    I read somewhere that pruning acts as a growth stimulante. This could be true
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    Landscaping and plants

    It normally says on the packet if you need to cover the volcanic plant soil and if so by how much
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    Beginner plants for non-soil tank?

    I like moss balls too . If your tank is well ventilated you could try floating plants too such as salvinia or water lettuce
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    Sad day

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    Updated and Redone! 225 Gallon Planted Tank Build

    Beautiful discus what species are your shrimp