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    Bowfin gill/pectoral fin membrane

    Yes its on both sides, same size and shape. When I look up pictures of bowfins online, i dont see this membrane so i was worried. You think this isn't likely to be anything life threatening or can possibly cause disabilities?
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    Bowfin gill/pectoral fin membrane

    you see that white membrane looking thing thats sticking out from behind the gills? you can see it in the first 2 pics i posted as well.
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    Bowfin gill/pectoral fin membrane

    This is the best I can do, he doesnt stay still
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    Bowfin gill/pectoral fin membrane

    My bowfin has this white membrane sticking out from the end of the gill plate, anyone know what this is, and if I should be concerned? Bowfin looks normal otherwise and is extremely active and feeding well. Tank is a 40gal stock tank, water filled about 1/4 way (4" deep), filter is a eheim 2213...
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