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    Safety First

    Ahh, I see. Cheers for that.
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    Safety First

    I have a 6055 but couldn't see how you can connect a battery to it (it mentions it in the instructions but didn't say how to).. do you need some other thing to be able to hook it up?
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    Just Noticed My Coral Beauty Has Whitespot

    Well he's looking a lot better today - only a few white spots here and there but much less than last night.. Still no other fish seem to be affected so it's looking up a bit. It's not the cost of a QT tank which puts me off but the fact that I'd have to pull apart my display tank to catch the...
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    Just Noticed My Coral Beauty Has Whitespot

    Thanks guys. I don't reckon there's any way I could catch him without ripping the whole thing apart and that's out of the question. I bought some Garlic Guard at lunch today and am going to start doing 10% daily water changes..
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    Just Noticed My Coral Beauty Has Whitespot

    Thanks for that. Looks like I'm up a creek without a QT tank. I guess it's just crossed fingers and water changes. What are the odds of the coral beauty surviving with ich? Only one out of my six fish has it (that I've noticed so far) so is that one destined to die or could it pull through? Are...
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    Just Noticed My Coral Beauty Has Whitespot

    They're just single spots dotted around (from what I could tell anyway).
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    Just Noticed My Coral Beauty Has Whitespot

    As the title says, I just noticed my coral beauty I bought a couple of weeks ago now has whitespot. :-( I don't have a quarantine tank and even if I did, I doubt I could catch it because I have quite a lot of LR in there. Is there any reef-safe treatments or anything I can do to improve my...
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    Fire Shrimp Molting

    lol yeah, I went through the same thing when my shrimp molted for the first time.. even though I'd read all about it and was expecting it, you can't help but wonder if it's dead! I always leave my shrimp's exoskeletons in there.. I don't know if it's the shrimp who eats it but by the following...
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    I have thin latex gloves which I wear for certain tasks like moving zooanthids, etc but most of the time I don't wear gloves so I voted sometimes.
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    Skimmer Driving Me Nuts!

    Makes perfect sense. I thought when typing it "some smart-arse will come and prove me wrong" so I added the AFAIK bit to cover myself :P
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    Skimmer Driving Me Nuts!

    A skimmer is not biological filtration like live rock is. Their functions are completely different. So, while adding more LR is always a good thing, it doesn't make a difference with removing the skimmer. AFAIK, a skimmer has no relation to phosphates either. If you have a sump with a refugium...
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    Sounds like Somatella varia to me.. completely harmless algae grazer. Here's a quote from about them: Also, here's a link to a thread I started a few months back asking a similar ID question about them. With regards to what stance to take on hitchhikers, I say take 'em one at...
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    Anybody Using Leopard Yet?

    It is quite a leap from 10.4. Apart from the vast array of improvements which they don't mention a lot of because they're only small things (but add up to make quite a difference), I'm finding most things to be considerably faster - especially mail & finder. :lol: The number of packages...
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    Reduced Flow At Night....?

    :lol: I got promoted at work and wanted needed to splurge a bit. I think the powerhead is brilliant! There's two dials on the controller which you can use to set two different speeds for the powerhead then another which controls how fast it switches between those flowrates, making a pulsing...