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    Redoing substrate with live plants in mind and need suggestions

    Hi have had many live planted tanks over the years and have been through most of the options from starting out cheap to going the hole hog. The best results i have ever had was using larva rock as a base substitute with a fine mud lick substitute then my decorative gravel or sand on top. Would...
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    Rear bulkheads

    Hi everyone i ha e recently drilled my 4FT aqua oak and installed 2x twin bulkheads to the rear of my tank. (Should have just got the sump system at purchase but we all make mistakes) I have just upgraded my return pump as the one i originally installed just wasn't giving me the amount of cycle...
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    Faulty product help

    Hi all Need a little help as not having mutch luck with Fluval CC or the retailer. Purchased the fluval flex for my daughter in January and the first time i ever lifted the pump out after the setup was about 3/4 months as it doesn't realy need to come out as it has the fome in chamber 2 witch...