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    VOTE NOW!..October 2020 Tank of the Month contest (17-30 US gallons)

    I proudly present my 28G/100L sunken warship tank! I started it about 2 months ago and the plants went insane thanks to the powerful light. Stock: 5 mollies, 8 Neón tetra, 5 rummy nose tetra, 2 guppies, 3 Nerite snails, Other types of snails, 2 Mexican dwarf lobsters. The filter is the one...
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    Sump I designed for my small 11 gallon tank

    Hello everyone! Please give me your opinion/experience! I am a very active person so I have decided to create sumps for all my tanks including my small 11 gallon. I have designed this sump for my 11 gallon but I don't know if the baffles would be enough. I also would like to put some rocks in...
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    Eziofezio thanks you for being accepted.

    Hiya! Hope I shall be communicating with many of you shortly, I have 2 tanks and a pond; the 4gallon soon to be 12 has 2 endlers, a few shrimp and snails. My 26 gallon has 8 Neón tetra, 5 rummy nose tetra, 5 mollies, 2 Mexican dwarf lobsters, plenty of snails and 2 platty. Instead my outdoors...