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    Anyone Got Elephant Noses And Can Advise

    My elephant nose used to go crazy at feeding time. Pushing plecs, corys, and congo tetras out the way and inhaling blocks of bloodworm! let them settle in and see what happens.
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    Rope Fish/african Clawed Frogs

    my african clawed frog ate a 9" swamp eel. so no.
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    Snail Eating Fish Please

    snail eating snails are the only things that wont eat shrimp, but will eat snails. dwarf chain loachs would only eat baby shrimp, and leave the adults.
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    Rogues Gallery

    Me And me with snakey! :D
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    Keeping Males Together

    How do they live in the wild then? Is there only one male in the whole rice paddy?
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    Keeping Males Together

    Is it possible to keep males together? As if in like a 500gal aquarium, very heavily planted. Would the males stalk out territories? Would they fight to the death if they saw each other, or is this only when one cant get away? Or would they all just congregate in a massive fight? :lol:
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    Help - Cherry Shrimp Dying

    could be copper in the water. :crazy:
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    What Do I Do?!

    What to do with them!? I'm thinking a trio of axolotls for the 35gal and try to breed them... not looked into breeding them yet though so don't know if it's possible. No idea what to do with to 50gal though! I'm thinking general community cause I havn't had one for 5-6 years, but I'm worried...
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    Eheim Professional

    bump :X
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    Snake Id

    I'm certain it's a juvenile pantherophis bairdi. Any chance of clearer pics of it's head? I know a guy who is after one :good:
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    Ghost Or Cherry Shrimp In My Tank?

    The weather loaches will deffo eat the shrimp when full grown. How big is it?
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    Setting Up A Mbuma Tank!

    You pay for it, and I will!!! lol
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    Rogues Gallery

    Me being amazingly sexy: Me stuck in a sofa.... lol
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    Setting Up A Mbuma Tank!

    Setting up a new tank for some Mbuna! The tank is 40"x16"x18" so 50 gallons. Got an external filter, so that's sorted. I'm planning on a sand substrate with loads of rocks, but I also have a massive piece of bogwood with loads of java fern on it. My tap water pH is 7.8. I've read that I...