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    swallow tail Guppies

    I used to have lutino budgies, some had pink eyes and some had black.
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    Planted silver dollar tank experiment

    tasty too :werewolf:
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    black spots on white betta

    There is a parasitic worm that causes black spot disease in fish. It causes small round black dots to appear on the body or fins. This does not look like black spot disease because the black marks are not uniform or round. I would say it is most likely colouration from the fish. If the fins...
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    The top picture has 2 fish in it (a yellow and a blue). The blue one is getting bashed by the fish in the bottom picture? If you only have 4 fish in the tank, then the bully has taken over the tank and is trying to remove other males from the territory. The yellow fish is less of a concern to...
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    swallow tail Guppies

    I like this fish more. The pink eye freaks me out a bit but it has nicer body colours :)
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    Characterization of Hobbyist Ornamental fish production

    Come on people, if you have ever bred a fish, be it a lowly guppy, a cichlid, or something else, do the survey. It's safe and there is nothing in it to incriminate you. Even I did it and I'm an oversized Ewok with an eating disorder :werewolf: IT'S FOR SCIENCE PEOPLE. DO IT. DO IT. DO IT NOW.
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    Strange Growth

    If it has only been like that for a week it might be something else or a real fast growing tumour. The only things I can think of are parasitic louse that has gotten onto the gills, or a growth. How long have you had the fish? Have you added anything to the tank in the 2 weeks before you...
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    swallow tail Guppies

    That's what I was thinking, albino/ lutino. Albino shouldn't have any yellow. Lutino birds normally have yellow feathers with pink eyes. Not sure about lutino fish.
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    Looking to make a small profit with a fishkeeping project. Thoughts and advice?

    Pennywort is a marsh plant that prefers wet feet and dry leaves. When kept underwater, it tries to grow towards the light.
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    JuiceBox52 - January 2022 Tank of the Month Winner (17 to 30 gal)

    probably checking her pantry to make sure @Crispii hasn't stolen her peanut butter
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    What is wrong with my plecos?

    Hi and welcome to the forum :) Do a huge water change and gravel clean the substrate. Make sure any new water is free of chlorine/ chloramine before it's added to the tank. Do not add any salt because it doesn't treat white spot. Keep the water temperature on 30C for at least another week...
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    Help! Betta is lethargic and is breathing heavy

    stop talking about cats on a fish forum, your making me hungry :werewolf:
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    Whitecloud damaged front fin

    Hi and welcome to the forum :) The fish in the picture looks like a female. Any chance of a video of the fish moving and floating? Upload video to YouTube and then copy & paste the link here.
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    Breeding all types of snails.

    People actually buy snails? Mystery snails maybe, but Malaysian trumpet snails, death to them. One species per tank/ container. Have light on tank for up to 16 hours a day to encourage algae. Feed 2-3 times a day. Do big water changes and gravel clean substrate every week. Snails breed...
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    Cycling I think I’m close but am I ?

    Low pH can slow or stop the nitrite bacteria but it has to be well below 6.0. If you are concerned, just do a huge water change and see if it helps. Coldwater tanks take longer to cycle than tropical tanks because the bacteria reproduce slower in cold water. --------------- If you have a...