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    Tiny Moving White Dots On Glass

    My fish doesn't see them, or maybe he does but he doesn't bother? They're really tiny, like dust! Sorry I'm not able to post a photo, rather busy and I doubt they'll be visible. Well hopefully they aren't harmful :S Thanks for helping :)
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    Algae Issues And Salt

    Thank you for your advice. I removed the salt in the water shortly after and my sword looks much better now. :)
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    Tiny Moving White Dots On Glass

    Hi all, when I turned on the light of my tank today I noticed many tiny white spots on my glass in clusters and they're moving. They're so tiny I have to look very closely to notice. Does anyone have any idea what they may be? They're slightly long-ish with a max of 1mm. I hope they're not...
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    Feeding Fish Vegetables

    just like to add that though vegetables (and fruit) do lose nutrients and vitamins to the air, it doesn't happen instantly. Rather, it happens over 2-3 days and they only lose up to 25% of the total nutrients. When they do, they'll already be rotting so don't worry about it :)
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    Which Disease?

    Glad to hear he's fine :)
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    Which Disease? this is a very good read on ich and it'll help when tackling this problem. Since it's not so serious you can try using salt or just heat like mentioned above.
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    Algae Issues And Salt

    Hi all, I've recently been using salt to treat my betta for fin rot (7.5 tspn in 5 gal tank). I have a small amazon sword, java fern and bacopa monnieri in my tank. Does the salt kill them? I've noticed more brown algae forming at the edges of the gravel and on the sword and bacopa monnieri...
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    Voting: Calling All Better Owners

    It's amazing! :good: Can't wait for the final product :hyper:
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    Betta Fin Has Split

    I'll be removing the coconut shell. Hopefully the holes stop appearing and start to heal :( Unless it's fin rot... :crazy:
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    Gold Barb Disappeared?

    Sorry to hear about your fish :( I hope you manage to find her soon. It's always a mystery when they suddenly disappear without a trace :S
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    Betta Fin Has Split

    Oh no! I just spotted another hole in his fin! I have no idea how and why they're appearing! :crazy: I'm supposing coconut shells can be that sharp?
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    Betta Fin Has Split

    I'm doing water changes twice a weeks now. Will continue to observe him! I'm really paranoid about his fin now.. :X Yup, hopefully the coconut shell isn't the culprit. He likes squeezing behind the filter intake though. Eek! It's so horrible to see torn fins. At least they don't hurt :/ Is...
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    Betta Fin Has Split

    Hi all, I recently got a betta in my 5gal tank. It has live plants and a coconut shell. No other fish that may harm him. I noticed his fin had a slit somewhere in the middle a few days ago and today I realised his fin has split into 2! :crazy: Could it be the coconut shell that tore his fin...
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    Trimming Advice

    Hi all, I have a bacopa monnieri in my tank. When the leaves begin to die I know I have to remove them but how do I do it without almost uprooting the stalk? Sometimes they're in hard to reach areas as well. Do I always have to remove them to trim off dead leaves?
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    I've been MIA for TFF for some time but I'm back! :)

    I've been MIA for TFF for some time but I'm back! :)