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    Thinking of going from artificial decorations to live plants. How can I make this less stressful for fish?

    There are some plants that grow better in gravel. Do a little research in our choices. As for how to make the transition that depends on what the aquascape is now. If you just have a few fake plants then replacing them with similar real plants will minimally stress the fish. However, if you...
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    New Cory's are dying?

    This topic always seems to come up. My take is that not all cory are created equal. This post is discussing panda cory and in the case of panda cory I strongly recommend a sandy, even silty substrate for them. But even more important than that is the pH levels. If we are trying to match what...
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    Blue dream shrimp back turning yellowish???

    Shrimp often change color just prior to molting. That might be the case here.
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    Who is the creator of

    No. I've been here a while now but am not the founder. The founder sold the site. I was admin for a salt site that the same company owned so they asked me if I would mind coming over here. I never met the founder as he went when he sold the site. The site has since been sold again.
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    Will you please make more “Likes”?

    There's a balance I think that forums have to go through. On the one hand they need to compete with new platforms like Facebook but on the other hand I don't want forums to lose the thing that made them so popular in the first place, that sense of community they come with. They are the last...
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    Will you please make more “Likes”?

    Though I do like the buttons I think that it would be nice if people would actually post "thanks!" or even tell why. That way it builds friendships and, for me, a better closeness than a button.
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    Did the moderators go on holiday?

    Well, you are a noob so that makes sense.
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    Did the moderators go on holiday?

    There are no threads awaiting moderation so there is no reason that it shouldn't be on the forum. Only first posts are moderated so we don't get spam. Thereafter they just show up.
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    Did the moderators go on holiday?

    We will pick some more moderators soon. We don't take nominations, but thanks for the suggestions. The shortage has just come from a coincidence that we've each had things going on in our lives but we are aware we need a few more hands on deck!
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    Special Thanks to Ch4rlie

    I just wanted to announce that Ch4rlie has retired as a moderator. We appreciate all the help he's given and the time he's spent. He's not leaving the forum or anything so we'll still see him around. He's just a busy fellow and needs a break. Thanks again for everything!
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    betta w/ huge belly

    Generally this is the result of a bacterial infection. The idea behind adding salt is that it kills the bacteria. It can also kill the fish. So don't over-do it. Also, don't use table salt. Your fish doesn't need the additives like iodine. The general rule is one teaspoon per gallon of water...
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    betta w/ huge belly

    To me it looks like dropsy. The reason it seems so unusual is simply the anatomy of the fish.
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    Which digital thermometer?

    Except for during monsoon season. ;)
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    Guppy breeding question

    In that case the effort is a matter of having a good harem of females for the male and a place for the little ones to be protected. Clean water and good quality food and the guppies will do the rest.