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    Christmas Moss

    1 more portion up for grabs! Can be split in half if you only want a small amount :)
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    Fish Identification

    Brilliant, thank you :)
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    Fish Identification

    A while ago, I took a photo in a pet store of some fish I liked the look of so I could remember their name for when I had a free tank. Now I have a free tank, I've gone back to look at the photo and the stupid flash is covering the very bit of the name I need! I have to say, though, I question...
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    Long Term Tumour Care / Euth

    I gave Steve a helping hand towards Rainbow Pond last night. As much as I regret that I had to do it, it was the right choice for him. When the time comes that you question whether euthanasia is the right choice for something/someone you love, it's bound to be the right thing to do, otherwise...
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    Stocking Option For 14 Gal

    I'm soon going to have a planted 14 gal with only cherry shrimp in it and I've been trying to figure out what to put in there. I was thinking 5 kuhlis, 5 cherry barbs and maybe a krib, though I think 14 gals may be a bit small for a krib. What do you think? Aside from a betta sorority, killis...
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    Long Term Tumour Care / Euth

    After an afternoon of intense research, I can now say with a fair amount of confidence that Steve has TB, which would perfectly tie in with the bacteria found on the slide. Apparently this is a lot more common than people think, and potentially dangerous to the owner's health too. This article...
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    Long Term Tumour Care / Euth

    Hi everyone. It's been a while since I've posted on here. All my boys are still doing great except for the legendary Steve. About 7 months ago, I noticed that his scales were kicking out on either side due to what I assume is a lump somewhere in the body cavity. He's gradually been going...
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    Mexican Salamanders Need New Home

    Whereabouts are you?
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    Axolotls For Sale - Essex

    HI Iain. I have leucistics (white with black eyes) but no albinos.
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    Photo Collection Of My Pets

    Fanni's markings are gorgeous! Haven't seen anything quite like that before :)
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    Axolotls For Sale - Essex

    I have 2 more leucistics ready for collection as of Monday :)
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    2" Leucistic Axolotls Ashford Kent

    Just out of interest, what postal service are you using? I'm trying to find my brood some homes but can't find any way of making it legal anymore
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    Baby Axolotls

    Anyone still interested, please visit the new topic here. There's also a link to my axolotl care site :)
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    Axolotls For Sale - Essex

    Livestock: Axolotls Quantity for sale: 2 wildtypes, 11 leucistics Reason for Sale: My babies are big enough to go to their forever homes Delivery or Collection: Collection only Sale price: £15 Location: Colchester For more info on how to keep axolotls, please visit my website here
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    Pink Ramshorns For Sale, Essex

    I do :) how many would you like?