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    Bristlenose Catfish

    G'day, I had a Male BNC in a cave with eggs. I removed it from the Community Tank to an empty tank. The fry have all hatched. I removed the Male BNC and returned him to the Community Tank. I now have all the fry, some with their yellow egg sack. Please could somebody tell me what to feed the...
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    Bristlenose Catfish

    G'day, I posted a question about moving the B N Cave to a small tank on it's own. I have decided to do that. The tank is a 20lt tank. It only has the Cave with the male covering the eggs. What I would like to know is. Apparently when the fry hatch they have an egg sack. Once the egg sack...
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    New Member

    G'day, I have two large Tanks 1 Tropical Fish the other Goldfish Tanks in my Lounge Room. I have also Cherry Shrimps in my laundry. I am 78 years old and have had fish for the past 20+ years. I maintain them so that they are really Clean & Clear. I enjoy it when my friends visit as they...