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    Need Help! How Much Alder Cones Should I Be Putting In My Tanks?

    Hi all I have two tanks One is a 3Litre Shrimp-only tank and a 30Litre German Blue Ram tank I have added 2bunch of alder cones in the shrimp tank(about 4small cones per bunch) and 10bunch in my 30Litre How will it affect both my tanks? I read it lowers pH and the benefits of using them but...
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    Mini-Chiller For My 3Litre Shrimp Tank?

    I saw one online.. But it must be used with an air pump.. Im still unsure whether I should use a mini chiller...
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    Mini-Chiller For My 3Litre Shrimp Tank?

    Currently im using a cooling fan to maintain the temp at 26deg celcius.. Should I be using a mini-chiller instead? Appreciate if anyone can share the pros and cons of both a cooling fan and a chiller.. TIA!
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    A Dedicated Shrimp Tank!

    Video Update![user]=144245476&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0
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    10G Betta Tank

    For my experience, neon tetras like to nip bettas.. Have successfully kept them with Hasborus cory and pygmy cory though.. All the best! Cant wait to see photos!
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    Three Wonderful News!

    First, I thought I had only 9 Red Rili Shrimps in my shrimp tank but there are 10! Hahaa! Second, I found one of the shrimp berried! And a few more with their 'saddle' full! Third, I think I saw a pair of them mating! Im not sure how shrimps mate but I think what I saw just now was one hell of...
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    How Many Rcs In My 70 Litre

    Mine is 10 Red Cherry Shrimps for SGD$7
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    Raven's Guppies

    And ... Many missing guppy photos! Hehehee..
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    A Dedicated Shrimp Tank!

    A lil update! More pinecones! Bamboo plants in my filter! A must for both my tanks.. a Nitrate Sucking Machine! Im getting itsy bitsy waiting for my cherry shrimps! Aaarrrgh! Cant wait!
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    Doh Moment

    Wow! Beatiful angels you got there!!! I love the red eyed black one!! Gorgeous!
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    Hi Dennis! Welcome to the forum! Hope to see your guppy friends soon!