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    Shopping List For Complete Beginner?

    I completely agree but for now i don't want to go all out on my desires because hopefully i'll be going to uni for 4 years in a years time and i wont be able to look after them whilst i'm there. It's easier on my mum (The cleaning) and i don't want something which is too complicated for her to...
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    Shopping List For Complete Beginner?

      Thank you, the information you gave me was very easy to understand :) I want to start off small, although i do have a 4ft tank but it currently houses a hamster. It'll definitely be used for fish in the future though, no doubt. I've come across a 70 litre tall hexagonal tank for free. I know...
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    Shopping List For Complete Beginner?

    Hello everyone.    There's so many things to buy for fish and so many different brands! I'm interested in plant keeping also so if anyone suggests any fertilisers or substrates that'd be great :) What are the complete essentials to start and cycle a tank? What would i need? What brands are the...
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    Demasoni Chichlid?

    Hi all.   I'm doing work experience in My College's Animal Centre and they have quite a lot of fish which i like to take care of. Today i was cleaning the tank which has what i think are - Demasoni's. When everything was cleaned i noticed about 40 little fry in the tank, two parents protecting...
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    Sparkling Gourami

    I read that gouramis are peaceful? Also do you need to have a group of them?  Im no where near getting fish yet, i'm just trying to figure out what will be best to have. As i don't want just one type o fish, i want a verity, and different colours. But not large fish. I don't have a tank yet...
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    Sparkling Gourami

    How many sparkling gouramis can you have together? can you have celestial pearl danios and harlequin rasboras with them? What size tank would be suitable for them?  Thanks :)
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    What Can You Keep With A Betta

    I haven't heard anyone ever keeping any other kind of fish with a Betta, as they're territorial (I think?) so having other fish with them would cause fighting
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    Hello! I've Decided To Return

    thank you! He's a boy  haha, i understood what you meant the first time :) 
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    Hello! I've Decided To Return

    Thank you Yes it is! he is isn't he, haha, thank you 
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    Hello! I've Decided To Return

    Hi everyone - i once wanted to own Platys and i still do and hopefully one day i will have many tropical fish :) although at the moment i am focusing on my hamster and my education. I will be doing an Animal management level 3 course in September. I've come back to refresh my knowledge and to...
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    Wanted: Small Red Fish For Freshwater. Suggestions?

    I don't think tetras would bully them. if you have any semi-aggressive or aggressive fish then yes, obviously. And aw thats a shame i didnt know that :( 
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    Have I Made A Mistake?

    German blue rams like 25.5 - 29.5 Platys like 18 - 26 so just keep it on 25? or 26, they will be fine
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    Where To Buy Fish Online?

    I havent asked them yet because i havent even bought anything yet, not even a tank haha. i will probably be getting the fish in 2-3 months time, i will be getting my tank next month hopefully :) I shall ask my LFS, thanks
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    Air Pump?

    It's just because im getting two tanks and even though i can find cheap good products pennys add up and its going to cost me a lot...