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    How much is enough

    I never trim! Nobody is there to trim in real natural habitat hahahah
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    Male or female honey gouramis?

    image source Hopefully this diagram helps you some. It is pretty tough to tell with these fish most of the time.
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    Help me to confirm the goldfish breed

    image source That is def a shubunkin goldfish!
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    Need LED Light Strip Replacement

    Those aren't the greatest.. I would just upgrade to better.
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    New Guppy Behavior? Is it normal?

    If your nitrates are 100 ppm your fish are going to die. you need to keep nitrates under 40ppm or your fish will die. You need to do water changes to bring that down. something is not right with your water. Cycling issues most likely image source
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    Swim Bladder issues in a Gourami - going on 3+ weeks now

    To be completely honest.. gourami fish are pretty weak fish are known to have this stuff happen. Not a lot of people talk about it because it SUCKS that these fish suffer through this and die. Here is a link that may help you http//
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    Difference Between Sunset Thicklip Gourami And Honey Gourami?

    I've learned that fish stores commonly mislabel gourami fish. This fish was labeled as a dwarf gourami! ahahahaha image source
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    Pregnant Guppy Possibly stressed

    Did it sort of look like this? image source I've battled this same issue and often wondered if it's bloat or.. false pregnancy.. if that's a thing...
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    Thin corydora

    Yeah I would say the fish has some sort of illness... the hard part is always trying to figure out what to medicate with...
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    Guppy pregnant again?

    Here is a more pronounced gravid spot. The contrast was colored up i believe. Congratulations on the batch of fish! It's so addicting isn't it?? image source
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    Platy Question

    I usually quarantine all my fish with general cure before going into my regular tanks. It really helps
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    Is This Fin Rot Or Worms On My Betta?

    Yeah moving the fish will just bring on another layer of stress.. and could escalate the problem.
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    Still a molly right?

    Here is a diagram of all the types of mollies. Hope that helps. image source
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    Troubleshooting sponge filter

    Palmer Aquatics just did a pretty good hour long livestream talking about sponge filters in details. Maybe it will help you to understand.
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    Molly or Platy?

    My guess would be that it's a platy. Super cool coloration! Here is an image of the difference between male and female molly too.. if it helps. image source