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    Cherry Barbs & Zebra Danio's

    I suggest 3 more cherry barbs. But i also suggest 6 of both species. But my Cherry Barbs haven't learnt when food comes and they may stay a bit hungry for a while. Luckily they don't get hangry. Also i suggest 2 males 4 females or simarlar fractions.
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    Do Bladder Snails lay eggs out of the water?

    Thank you! The only other question is why they laid the eggs out of water?
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    Do Bladder Snails lay eggs out of the water?

    I seem to have found a clutch of Bladder Snail eggs that are out of the water. I have seen Bladder Snails avoid the air but this must be an inch off the water surface... What are your opinions?
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    Is there such a thing as too many snails?

    I currently have 12 bladder snails 3 unknown snails and i am thinking about assassin snails. Of course that is not your idea. However you could sell your snails. If you have enough then they could keep reproducing while you remove them. Or are there too many?