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  1. KatNor21

    Please help me decide which gourami

    Hey, I'm posting about my tank again. It's a 30 gallon long, planted. I have 20 neon tetras (10 are neon greens) and 4 endlers. Because of my last thread, I've decided to add gouramis, but trying to decide between 3-4 honey gouramis or 2 female pearl gouramis. I have a fluval 50 filter. My pH is...
  2. A

    Substrate - Another Question!

    Yes it is another question about which substrate to use! I have scoured the search feature to read through other posts, but can't find what I'm actually looking for.   So....   I'm fed up of half and half this and that mix and match in my tank so I'm going to start one of my tanks again. What I...