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  1. Annemarie

    Water hardness/softness

    Hello everyone, So seeing as I’ve been told that my water is soft at 38ppm, I’ve been scouring the internet looking for fish I may want down the road. Problem is, so many of the fish I find myself looking at want 45-60ppm or above (at least according to seriously fish). I don’t want to make any...
  2. outofwater

    Increased water pH shenanigans continues unabated

    Sigh. Just an update on the water situation. From left to right: Off the tap Filtered (brita jug) Off my 10g tank Can't wait to get my RO system installed, water changes have become a royal PITA for the past couple of months
  3. S

    Fiddler Crabs & Equipment

    I've been doing a ton of research on Fiddler Crabs and I've found some good stuff. One thing that is giving me high anxiety is not having the correct equipment. What are the most accurate tools to measure water gravity and water hardness? And salinity I guess? I've gathered a good amount of...
  4. connorlindeman

    What dH for Chili Rasboras?

    What dH do chili rasboras need? My water is 6.7 dh which I think is soft. I tried searching the web but couldn't come up with anything.
  5. ellamay

    Water Hardness Questions

    I've attached a photo of the kind of rock I have in my tank, would this affect the water hardness in any way? only other things I have in my tank is plants and a cave and some smooth pebbles. My water hardness is normally around 20. I've been trying to find a type of cory which will be suitable...
  6. Jan Cavalieri

    Conversion factor for Hardness and Alkalinity (K)

    Looking at our city's most recent water report they list the following: Avg pH 9.4, Range 8.5-9.9 Avg Total Hardness (as CaCO3) 189, Range 110-282 ppm Avg Total Alkalinity (as CaCO3) - 96, Range 47-138 ppm The scale the website where I buy fish from lists the KH (which I believe is the...
  7. Jan Cavalieri

    What is going on with this tank

    It's Jan again - long story ahead, I know you love it: I recently purchased a new tank to break up a group of peaceful and aggressive Gourami's as well as most likely purchase a few new fish. So purchased a new 29 gal glass tank. It has a lovely heater I've been keeping at about 78 degrees, a...
  8. Jan Cavalieri

    What is so important about water hardness?

    Before I started my first aquarium I did about 2 months of research - mainly reading books. My needs were simple I wanted a peaceful community tank. But it's not all about the fish. Anyway - all the books and online articles had extensive information on how to cycle your tank so I was quite...
  9. no_robotocha

    Why is my (soft) tap water becoming hard in the tank?

    New to this and new tank - after weeks of prep, finally have neon tetras in. Testing the water, all seems fine except for the water hardness, which is measuring at the hardest on the scale (180). We tested our tap water and this had a very soft measurement (20). We now have a new tank filter...
  10. SmokedPaprika

    Ph, Gh, Kh - Help A Newbie Understand?

    Hi guys   I'm new here so if there is a topic or article on this somewhere else, please feel free to link me to it and move or delete this thread; I did do a search but couldn't find what I was after.   OK, this is going to sound stupid, but I've seen a lot of articles mentioning that different...