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  1. D

    Is it ok to disconnect the venturi on a water filter?

    Hi – I'm a new fish owner. I have five rosy barbs in a 100 litre tank. I'm using an Aquael Turbo 1000 water filter. The filter has a venturi that brings in oxygen to the water but makes a very loud operating noise. When it's turned on the fish seem distressed by the noise. They hide at the...
  2. friezafish

    Controlling Nitrite/Nitrate Levels (Water Parameters)

    Tank Inhabitants: 2 baby blue shrimp, nerite snail, mystery snail Temp: 1 heater set to 86 deg F Size: 10 gallons added a few cholla wood pieces (x3) and it totally clouded my tank, including these levels: added a carbon pack, but I’m waiting on an air pump for a medium-sized sponge filter
  3. S

    Starting My Tank Up Again!

    Hi All, used to be a regular here quite a few years ago - I had a planted tank, Co2 etc etc - well, durnig that time the tank was getting left more and more and eventually I stopped as it wasnt fair to the poor fish! well.. im glad to say that now im back into it, with the time and the space...