wasting disease

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  1. C

    Wasting Disease Success?

    Hi, I have 70l freshwater tank 8 danios and 4 cherry barb. Heavily filtered with Ocellaris 850 UVC, Internal Filter and Sponge filter. Water parameters perfect and cycled well. Water is very clear and all fish were happy. I Four weeks back cherry barb were lethargic not eating lost color...
  2. Irksome

    Skinny guppy, still deteriorating after months

    I’m quite new to the hobby. I have a 54ltr cycled tank with 8 male guppies and snails. A couple of months ago I lost 2 fish to an ammonia spike and a third survived but with massive loss of tail. He has been getting thinner ever since, still eats and swims but compared to his companions he is...
  3. H

    How To Handle Tank After Suspected Tb Issue?

    I am fairly certain I lost most of my tank to Mycobacterium bacteria, also known as fish tuberculosis or wasting disease. I had my 75g reef tank up and running for about 8 months before this issue. My temperature stays fairly stable at 78.8, I use RO water, have a cascade 1000 canister filter...