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  1. fishyfun&fans

    Aquarium Model makers/potters wanted!

    does anybody know anyone that could make me a one off custom plane ornament 50cm long with open spaces and scale wingspan model-Piper Arrow II , tail number-F21TNK and colours-white with blue stripe livery+underwater weathering? price ££-££££ photo for reference
  2. amy1994

    Looking for plecos and/or whiptail catfish - Gloucestershire

    Looking for good size as i have a bgk and don't want them to be eaten, need to be atleast 4 inches. No sailfins, as i'd like to have discus again one day :( I have a 6ft tank, home to 3 angels and a bgk
  3. B

    Looking for free aquarium plants.

    Hello, I am interested in taking in some aquarium plants is anyone is giving away, overstocked, or selling in Chula Vista, CA. Please message me.
  4. Flubberlump

    Wanted, tank with black cabinet

    Hi all. I'm looking for a tank with black cabinet/stand as above. This is for a betta I have reserved at my LFS so needed asap! 30ltr minimum but not huge due to stock plan to be the betta and maybe some Pygmy corys. Also not looking to spend over £40 ideally. Thanks
  5. S

    Wanted: Stem Plants / Cuttings

    Hello, My tanks are looking a bit bear so would appreciate any plant plant trimmings    I have got currently growing on bogwood with lots and lots of moss + annabis (unsure of spelling) I only have a few crypts growing around my centre bit of wood so anything to go behind in background plants or...
  6. A

    Big Tank 250-450L (Central Scotland Area)

    Looking for a tank the family can enjoy, woudl prefer a nice bow front tank but open to any style     Looking for   -Good Price -Good Condition -Equipment Included -Nice Big Tank 250-450L (Straight, bow or corners considered)   I am in Central Scotland area and will travel for the right tank  ...
  7. L

    Non Annual Killifish Wanted

    Im after some killifish preferably australi or other beginer killifish Im in teesside closer the better or posted if possible Thanks Liam
  8. MartinS

    24" Tank With Lights, Hood And Filter (Surrey)

    I'm considering moving some of my more secretive cats to their own 'biotope' tank as have not seen them once since moving them into my 5'. To this end, I'm after a 24" tank, but preferably 15" (or wider) and 15" or 18" tall. A tank with hood and/or lighting preferred but not a huge problem if no...
  9. ron4sum1

    Red/yellow Cherry Shrimp In Leeds Centre

    Hello, I'm looking to buy the shrimps mentioned above around 10 pieces, please. I'd prefer to meet up in Leeds Centre for the exchange, or I could walk to your place if you could guide me! :D Thank you very much! Ronald