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  1. Naidisbo

    Is it possible that a Ghost Shrimp would be attacking a Glofish?

    My mum has a 10 Gallon Glofish tank with two Green Glofish Tetras, a Goldfish and two very tiny Otos. There is also one of two Ghost Shrimp that were egg laden when we bought a batch to be Eel food, and so we let her live in my mum's tank. She has a lot of personality and is the hardest working...
  2. K

    Odd Sunset Fire Platy Behavior

    Hi all! New to the forum. I've set-up my 20gal tank about 5 months ago (went on hiatus for 8yrs). I have 5 neon tetras + 3 Sunset Fire Platties (1m, 2f). - The male stays by the side glass most of the time (nose to the glass). - 1 of the females is aggressive towards the other female. Any...