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  1. conrad9900

    420L Planted Co2 Injected Custom Tank!

    build log.... Tank: custom 400l bow front tank Size: 150cm(l)x50cm(w)x60cm(h) Filter: JBL cristalprofi 1500e(1500l/h) Hood: custom hood Light: custom dual light unit Stand: Light Mahogany 150x50x70 Tank floor: JBL manado substrate 25kg/JBL pro flora fertilizer soil 10kg/Fine white sand 25kg...
  2. pablothebetta

    Melting Vallis

    I like the look of vallis as a background plant for my tank but throughout the years it continues to just melt on me. I've tried both spiral and straight types with and without EasyCarbo/ferts yet it died regardless. If anyone can shed light on the cause of my issue that'd be great. Is there a...