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  1. Linkandnavi

    Use of a Wet/Dry (Shop) Vac to drain and clear old tanks

    Afternoon all, Anyone have any experience of using a wet & dry vac (I think more commonly called shop vacs in the US) to drain and suck up small gravel and muck from old fish tanks? I have a few old tanks that I need to drain/clear and that seems the easiest way if it works. I've downloaded...
  2. Aynia

    Planted Tank Advice?

    So as we're dealing with our 38gal, we're looking to get a second tank, possibly 65gal. We're kind of tired of gravel and want to switch to a planted tank with a sandy bottom. Right now the only plants we have in the 38gal gravel tank is two anubias plants and some moss balls. Other than that we...