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  1. Darya

    Update on my 3rd gen guppies!

    Hi! Checking in to give ya’ll an update on my guppy fry from my last post! They are about three months now. Some have great colors, others haven’t colored yet. What do you guyse think? The fry in the first pic is absolutely stunning.
  2. Darya

    Update on my guppy fry - now 3 months old!

    Here is an update on my 3-month-old guppy fry from my previous post. Because of their rapid growth, you can already see their stunning colors. Most of the males have long black tails and blue shine on the body area with a hint of orange. Others are completely black with a hint of blue on their...
  3. carligraceee

    Update 2022

    I could not access this forum for months for some weird reason! But I am back! I wanted to give an update on my tank! Current Stocking: - 1 African Butterfly Fish - 11 Black Phantom Tetras - 7 Kuhli Loaches - 1 Clown Loach - I will be keeping him till he gets too big for my 40g...
  4. carligraceee

    42g Update!

    Hey guys! So this past two and half months (almost three months, I think) has been huge for my aquarium and because of everyone's contributions to my successful ecosystem I wanted to share an update with you guys! Stocking: I now have six fish in my tank as well as about a dozen or so snails...
  5. KnowingKira

    Update on my spotted raphael catfish.

    Ryuk has apparently been doing fine and dandy after I posted that other thing. If you check what I've posted before you might see I thought he wasn't okay. He quite literally knocked over two shells on his nightly workout recently and honestly good on him. Here's a picture
  6. carligraceee

    New Corys and an update!

    Hey guys! I took some tests these past weeks and have been watching my water. My ammonia levels are at 0 and all my water levels are puerfect (the hardness is a little low but my fish are not exhibiting any signs of stress or malnutrition). My fish have been so well that I took another step and...
  7. SmexxyNick

    I Have Crossed Over To The Dark Side... Lol First Planted Tank :d

    I just still have my 6 neon tetras and 7 zebra danios, 1 platy. And i went and bought Anacharis bunch and another i don't know. There's pics.      http://gyazo.com/ba26a85226bfdb6c75b71613b3c4ffae  <----- (Unknown plant)       http://gyazo.com/5111608eabd5371095a60136861b11c4 <----- (Temp...