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    How do you clean a tank that hasn't been cleaned in a while?

    I've decided that I wanted to help out with my parent's turtle tank. However, I'm afraid that with me doing newly frequent water changes it could harm them. For context, the tank has turtles and goldfish. Which will go into a pond eventually, but it's a big project. I don't want to harm them by...
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    We might start a pond...

    So, I've being trying to convince my parents to have a pond. They have turtles in a big tank, but I feel like the turtles look big in it as well. I want them to have more room. The water gets dirty fast, but they won't listen to me because they said it's okay since the turtles are hardy and can...
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    Fish and 2 Musk Turtles

    Selling my Juwel Rio 400 in Belfast £150 Also selling the fish Large Bala Shark, 2 Torpedo barbs, angelfish, 5 platties, yellow CAE, Blue Rainbowfish - £20 for the lot. Also selling 2 Musk Turtles 1 Razorback (4.5 Inches) and one stinkpot (3 inches) £20 each