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    Fluval Flex pump help!!

    Hi! I'm new to tge forum and in need of help, so thought it best to ask here since there is far more knowledhe here than mine! So i have a fluval flex 57 litre (15g) and i was trying to open the front of the pump to clean the filter foam. I couldn't get tge tube off so i tried with it still on...
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    External Filter & External Heater Tubing Confusion, Help

    Hello, I bought a EHEIM ecco pro 300 External Filter waiting for delivery, The Eheim site says for the ecco pro 300 - Hose Ø Suction side(inside) 12.00/16.00 mm, I am buying a Hydor ETH300 External Heater that says it has inlet hose 16mm, Connects to 16mm & 5/8" Hose. Sorry it's a daft...