1. SAChichlidLover

    What Fish Do You Regret Buying?

    Hey everyone! I've seen this topic on a few fishkeeping yt channels and I thought it would be cool to hear everyones answers on this aswell! What fish have you owned that you regret owning/buying and why? Heres a few of mine: Sailfin Plecostimus - I got one of these when I was Quite young and...
  2. Snoyo1

    2/4 of my corydoras found dead :(

    Hi everyone I just wanted to find out why my corydoras May have died suddenly. I’m from Aus btw. They seemed pretty healthy I’ve had them since October last year and I have a 60L tank with 8 neon tetras, 2 gouramis and had 4 corydoras (now 2). They all seemed pretty happy but my tank started...
  3. ks2012ks

    10 gallon New*bee

    Hi I am Kyle, I purchased a 10 gallon tank a month back, equipped with everything I need to start a freshwater aquarium. Slowly but surely I have been adding fish and cleaning 35-45 % of the water, weekly, falling on Sunday. My fish are happy and respond well to my activity outside of the tank...
  4. NeonNeptune

    Snails As Food?

    So today i found a pond snail and immediately removed it. I then thought my fish might want to eat it so I cracked his shell and through him back in. The fish went nuts! Its seems that raising a colony of pond snails would be so easy. Do you guys think they would make a good staple diet?