1. F

    Help with stocking

    So I have had a little tank for around 2 years with 4 fish in and enjoyed it so much , so when we moved I bought a bigger tank 110l and got more fish but I think I may have over done it with the fish thou can u help and see if I have to meany now ?? So here is my list 12 nion tetra 3 danio...
  2. S

    Please help, unexplained fish deaths!

    Hi, Thank you so much for taking the time to read it, I am very worried about more of my fish dying/my fish suffering or living an unhappy life in their home! I haven't joined a forum on keeping fish before so I am new to this, hope I include everything needed! I have listed all information...
  3. H

    Tropical fish care. I NEED HELP!!

    Hello, I’m Harvey I’ve just got into tropical fish keeping about 2 months ago and done lots of research on fish. I got my first 7 gallon fish tank about 1 week and a bit ago and got my fish yesterday and one died. I have 4 amber nose tetras ( now 3) one betta, two young swordtails, 2 snails and...
  4. cait.russ

    Mystery fry???

    I have a tank with 3 female guppy’s in it and in the store the were also separated from male and female. I was cleaning my tank out the other day and noticed a tiny little fry! There only seems to be one and I’ve absolutely no idea how it got there it seems happy enough and the others don’t...
  5. cait.russ

    Starting up a new tropical tank

    I recently bought some tropical fish (rams) but unfortunately they both passed away on the same day. I’m unsure if it was something I had done or if something was wrong with them and I’d missed it. I want to set up a new much bigger tank and want to make sure I set it up right! Any tips and...