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  1. V

    Do you still have to cycle if adding all the water from other, established tank?

    My other tank could fill up my new small tank, would it still need cycling?
  2. V

    Did my tank ever actually cycle?

    When I was a kid, my parents got me a 10-gallon tank. I don't remember if it was ever actually cycled. Then I upgraded to a 20 gallon. I don't think that was cycled, only the water in the old tank was transferred to the new tank. And everything else. The filter, decor, gravel, everything got...
  3. Guyb93

    Moving fish to new tank

    I plan on moving my fish into a larger tank but only have the one filter so to avoid cycling could I drain my own tank into the new one then add water or will this still remove the bacteria I need , this may sound silly but I have never transferred a whole aquarium before and don’t want to get...
  4. S

    I've Got An Old Tank, I've Got A New Tank - What Do I Do Next?

    Hi all,   I've had a 60l tank that I've been running for a number of years which has been relatively successful (only a couple of Tetra's have died after a couple of years) and decided to upgrade.   So I've gone out and bought a new tank! I did it for a number of reasons - not least deciding...