tanks for beginners

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    Keen newbies!

    HI there. We bought our first guppies approx 5 weeks ago and have been plunged into the wonderful world of fish keeping ever since. It has been a rollercoaster so far! We had no idea about how much should be considered and how much there is to know but are learning fast. It will be great to be...
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    30-40 gallons fish tank

    I’m wanting to purchase a new 30-40 gallon tank, preferably longer rather than tall. What’s the best brand of tanks or the best 30-40 gallon that you have or have seen?? Help
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    What Is The Matter With My Fish Tank?

    I bought a 5.5 gallon fish tank (which has a filter) and filled it with spring water. I filled it with 2 fancy guppies, 2 red wag platys, and 2 black skirt tetras. I got everything put together yesterday and stocked my tank with the fish. The water was clear and there was no smell. I fed my fish...