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  1. C

    Fin rot or nipping? HELP!

    Hello, I have three male guppies and two female guppies. They are separated by a divider, and I am trying to move the females to a new tank soon. For the last week or so, I thought one of the males might have had a swollen abdomen, but I also thought it could just be fat. However, I just...
  2. Barry Tetra

    How to tell if my fish have dropsy/bloated/swollen belly

    How to tell if my fish have this disease. please help me about feeding schedule i recently lost lots of fish (including goldfish) due to this disease, when should i feed/how much should i feed? Please Help
  3. U

    Swollen or Pregnant female guppy?

    hello guys, I’ve currently got a 180l (40g I believe) tank, with dwarf hair grass, other live plants, and some hiding places etc. I’ve got 4 male guppy’s and 12 female guppy’s with 4 shrimp. I’ve noticed a female (I believe) guppy has a swollen belly, eats fine swims fine etc but sometimes...
  4. shikarii

    Glo Tetra bloated

    Currently have 5 glo tetras in a 10 gallon tank. Ive had the tank for a year and a half. Water levels are fine, I noticed my yellow one is extremely bloated, the others are fine. Any advice on how to fix this? He eats and swims normally.
  5. Cameronb_01

    Pot Belly Discus Chasing Others Around Tank

    Hi, As the title suggests I have one discus fish in my tank, with a pot belly, (picture attached), who chases his fellow tank-mates around tirelessly, (vid linked). There are 9 of them in the tank which is 450L and I feed 7 Gamma Blisters a day, (a mix of blood-worms, white mosquito larvae...
  6. simonero

    Apple Snail - Swollen Siphon

    Hey guys, One of my apple snails has what looks like a "swollen" siphon. Another snails had this as well but died. It also appears to be lighter in color than I'd expect somewhat, probably as an artifact of the swelling. Anybody have any idea what is going on and/or what the cause could...
  7. D34DLY

    Leaking Tank | Cabinet Swollen & Locked Closed | Emergency!

    Help!   My beautiful stand is getting damaged as we speak. The tank has leaked (about 100litres out of the 200litres) inside the cabinet. The only way for this water to get out is through the tiny cracks under the sliding doors in the cabinet.   Now my problem is, after having noticed a wet...
  8. N

    Very Sick Weather Loach!

    Help!   My 9 year old weather loach is incredibly swollen and ill looking. He has slowly been getting more swollen for about two weeks now (I call him a he but have no evidence to base this on!) which I originally put down to my partner enjoying hand feeding them a little too much which...