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super red bristlenose plec

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  1. RCA

    Never Give Up Hope - Super Red Bn Missing

    As many will know I recently had to shut down my beloved planted aquarium due to a pending move ~ > Goodbye Juwel Vision, Planted Aquarium Breakdown The fish were moved to a young foster family. My male BN was in the cave with some developing fry so I left him in the original aquarium until...
  2. RCA

    Super Red Bristlenose Plecostomus: Beverley, East Yorkshire

    Livestock: Super Red Bristlenose Age and condition: various between 2-8 months approx. Note it is difficult to sex them at this age. Bred within my Juwel 180 so good strong fry, that survived in with the other fish. Quantity for sale: 12+ Reason for Sale: Moving/Ready for new homes Delivery or...