sunset honey

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  1. R

    Help! My honey gourami’s are turning black?

    So I got my “honey gourami’s” a few weeks ago and since I have had them they have gotten darker, with almost a black colour on them. I have been trying to find out what might be wrong with them and I’ve came across a few posts saying that they might actually be thick lipped gourami’s? Can anyone...
  2. KatNor21

    Male or female honey gourami?

    I have 3 sunset honey gouramis - one is obviously male (not pictured) and one I'm pretty sure is female (the one on the right in the first picture) and one I'm not sure about (the one on the left, and in the second picture). He/she used to have a more obvious stripe down the side, and has now...
  3. W

    Red and sunset honey

    I want to put another honey gourami with my single sunset honey gourami. Does a red honey gourami count as a mate, or will my sunset gourami still be considered lonely because they're a different type of gourami?
  4. W.R

    Another Help! what sex are my honey gourami! Post

    Heya! so I've got three honey gourami, one male? in sunset colours who's starting to show some black on the cheeks, one wild coloured variant lady?? who I got from a really renowned fish store but who is now starting to show a black nose to anal fin and white dorsal, is she a he?? and another...