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  1. T

    Cycle stopped?! Help pls!

    Hello friends, I set up one 80 liters tank at 01/16 and I started to cycle. Setup: Basalt, 1 tetra wishper 30 filter, 1 thermostat adjusted to 34 celcius, PH 7 1 artificial ceramic(decoration) and 1 trunk (bought after measure ph near from 8) On day 17, I started adding Stability (daily at the...
  2. spongy

    Juwel Vision 180 Lighting Hood

    Hi there, I finished work today and went straight up the pub after a hard days graft (as you do) had a few pints and just got home. I've walked in, ordered a Chinese with the missus and noticed the tank lights weren't on, seeing as they're on a timer this has, even in my inebriated state...