starting out

  1. F

    Keen newbies!

    HI there. We bought our first guppies approx 5 weeks ago and have been plunged into the wonderful world of fish keeping ever since. It has been a rollercoaster so far! We had no idea about how much should be considered and how much there is to know but are learning fast. It will be great to be...
  2. G

    Stocking and design help for newbie

    Hello to anyone reading this and happy 2021 :) I'm new to this hobby, that has already slightly become an obsession. I recently bought a 60lt tetra halfmoon tank for a present for my 3 year old. I've wrecked my head about it ever since , and think it's time I find someone who knows what...
  3. PennyHardie

    Nitrites And Nitrates In My New Tank

    I have decided to start keeping fish. I have set up my tank with real plants and used Tapsafe when I added the water. I put in flints from the garden which I washed thoroughly having checked that they are suitable for tropical fresh water tanks. The nitrate and nitrite readings are really high...