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  1. A

    help me.. please!

    Hi, I'm relatively new to keeping fish and although I haven't had any problems with establishing my tank (60L) - I've noticed that my filter (Superfish AquaFlow 200) is a bit too strong, and although it comes with a spray bar, it seems to be pushing air through creating lots of bubbles and my...
  2. TonyD

    Fluval Roma 240 LED

    Can anyone please tell me how to attach the Fluval spray bar to the new Fluval 240 LED where the inlet and outlet tubes are through the bottom of the tank ? Cheers. Newbie so please be kind !
  3. sputnick

    Diy Spray Bar And Intake For Canister Filter

    So I plan on making a home made spray bar and intake tube for my 45 gallon community tank. The flow in my tank is pretty low and I have an air stone hooked up to an air pump to give the tank a little more flow, but I would like to start getting serious with my plants so the air stone has got to...
  4. David J

    Flow Rate Too High?

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on the flow rate of the water in my tank since installing a new fluval 206 external filter to replace my U2 internal. My tank has been cycled since February and i have been stocking gradually starting with lemon tetra then glowlight tetra and most recently...