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  1. A

    Rate Our Tank Set up!

    Hey! My husband and I have just set up our 64l tank and it is currently completing it's fish-less cycle. I have gone on **Advisor to try and figure out a good set up for our first small tank. We are planning on: 6x Guppies 5x Dwarf Cory 1x African Dwarf Frog (Not the clawed kind!) 2x Mystery...
  2. R84achey

    New to fish! Blonde needing help!

    Hi Everyone, I have just purchased a 2nd hand Juwel 180. I’ve always wanted a tank however I’m finding everything so confusing. I’m currently giving everything a good scrub as the internal ornaments are filthy. They’ve had them stored in the back garden in a bucket ?. I’m cleaning them with...
  3. L

    Planting help and stock levels in a 60L tank

    Hi everyone, Much help needed - so thanks for any input! I had a tank many years ago and seems lots has moved in and I have forgotten the rest (!) I am planning to set up a tropical 60L (c. 16 US / 13 imperial Gallons) tank, measuring c. 40 (w) x 40 (l) x 45 (h)cm (c. 16 x 16 x 18”) I was...
  4. C

    Upgrading my tank!!

    Hi I am very excited to upgrade my tank to a bigger size so I can add a few more fish. My current tank is set up and iv been advised to bag the fish up get as much of the old tank water into the new tank as possible then fill it up like a big water change to fill up the new tank. What do I do...
  5. D

    Setting up new Tank HELP NEEDED!!!!

    Hi every one, Dobby here. I always had fish growing up but this is my first foray into a marine aquarium. Naturally i go for a reef aquarium as my first attempt. My problem is Ph. It is WAY to low. 7.52 (seneye) and about 7.8 from a NTLabs test kit. I can not get it up enough. Tank: 220L, Red...
  6. F

    Betta Tank

    Hi there, I am looking to start up a beta fish tank and would love to do it right. I have just bought a 24 litre tank as my research says recommended is 22 litres, I would just like to know what other things you recommend, like what plants , whether live ones or plastic, if so which live ones...