seachem flourish

  1. Flowerfairy13

    Liquid Fertilizer & Shrimps

    Hi Everyone! I wanted to ask peoples opinions on using liquid fertilizer in shrimp tanks. I have a 60L planted tank containing around 30 mixed Neo Shrimp and 1 Male Betta. It is planted with Sessiflora, Montecarlo, Cryptocorne, Java Moss & Frogbit. I have been using Seachem Flourish once a...
  2. I

    How much Seachem Flourish do I add to my 3 gallon tank?

    I just got seachem flourish for my Java fern plants and am struggling to calculate the right amount so instead of getting too frustrated I’m deciding to ask on here. I have a 3 gallon tank so what exact dosage should I use?
  3. C

    Help with seachem flourish excel

    If someone could help me it would be great. I have a 200L tank that is planted with java fern and dwarf saggartia (probably spelt wrong) i am using seachum flourish excel and the bottle says after a large water change I need to add 20ml then every day its 5ml for the 200L. Am I over dosing it...
  4. Linkandnavi

    API Aqua Essential and Nitrate Reduction

    Does anyone have any experience of the relatively new API Aqua Essential, in particular its claims of reducing nitrate? It seems to be their answer to Seachem Prime, as an all in one dechlorinator and ammonia/nitrite "detoxifier" but with the added claim of actually "removing" nitrates. My tap...
  5. M

    Fertilizers and Water Changes

    So I have a quick question. I have Seachem flourish and NilocG’s Thrive and I am testing both on different tanks. I am curious about water changes while using these products. So if I have a 20 gallon and I use 2 pumps of Thrive (it says 1 pump per 10Gal) or Flourish do I need to do weekly water...
  6. G

    Help! I Can't Get Anything to Grow

    I have tried using root tabs (one per plant, at base of plant, replace every 4 months as per instructions) on my rooted plants and seachem flourish for my floaters and nothing seems to be working. My hornwort seems to shed needles until there is either nothing left or just a small part covered...
  7. J

    Using Flourish In 10 Gallon Tank

    So I have a 10 gallon tank that is very lightly planted. I have small bunch of Java Fern on some driftwood, and some Anubias nana.NO special gravel,special lighting,CO2, or fertilizers YET. My tank has very low LED lights. But I've surprisingly gotten 4 or 5 new growth from the rhizomes and...