scarlet badis

  1. S

    Scarlet Badis - sex?

    Hi all! I have been searching for a female for some time and I think I may have finally found one at my LFS, but I was hoping someone could help me id the sex? I have included pictures — do you think this is a female or just another subdominant male? Thanks!
  2. T

    Is this a good stocking list for my planted 10 gallon?

    I asked a question a couple nights ago on the planted chit chat part of the site about my plants and everyone was very helpful so I wanted to check with everyone about my stocking list for it. I already have three mystery snails in there, and plan to get three scarlet badis, and eleven ember...
  3. RCA

    Scarlet Badis (Dario Dario)

    I have recently purchased ten of these little beauties, and as they are still fairly new to the hobby I thought you might be interested in their development. I always research prior to purchasing any new species and liked what I found out. They are known as cousins of our beloved Betta, as...